Logo in hoofdThe Entrador Consultancy Group is a dynamic consultancy agency that operates on the intersection of business and information technologyThe Entrador Consultancy Group consists of experienced consultants for different roles: business analystbusiness consultantanalyst, requirements and specification engineerprocess manager or consultantIn the same area we also provide coaching, training and management.

The Entrador Consultancy Group is able to translate strategic goals into operational process or ICT goalsWe are able to do this on basis of thorough process, product and technological knowledge. Also we have experience in anchoring results within the organization.

In partnership with you as a client, we first agree on (project)goals in detail. Together we choose the optimal path to business successThe use of information technology in the right way can lead directly to a business advantage.

The Entrador Consultancy Group stands for experiencethoroughnessprofessionalism and commitmentSharing knowledge and think of the future to discover new opportunities. Professionals at the Entrador Consultancy Group work in an entrepreneurial culture that they influence themselves.

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