Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Today, many organizations are working on cost savings and process efficiency. Focus on these themes should not limit the attention to clients. Customer Excellence should therefore be at the same height on the agenda.

Organizations that are able to realize cost and process efficiency and also can bring Customer Excellence at a higher level really can make a difference in the market.

Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methods have helped thousands of companies worldwide in achieving these objectives. Lean Six Sigma is focussing on the customer's needs and using employees’ knowledge and skills at all levels (from management to operational level) in order to achieve efficiency improvements and maximize the added value for their customer.

Lean Six Sigma has its origins in the industry at companies like Toyota and General Electric, but currently also service organizations in The Netherlands make use of it, such as Philips, ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, AEGON, Achmea, DHL, Shell, KPN, UMC Groningen and Nuon.


Lean is a way of thinking which focuses on eliminating waste and improving profitability. The focus is on the added value for the customer.

Success of Lean is depending on the extent to which this way of thinking (Lean Thinking) becomes integrated into the corporate culture and employees (from management to operational level) apply this during performance in their daily work.

7 types of waste 

Within Lean seven types of waste are identifiedThe basic principle is that all process steps cost time and money. And only a part of the process steps adds valueThe central question that is asked is whether the customer is willing to pay for a process step? Whether a process step adds value is  determined by the customer.

  1. Waste as a result of over-production
  2. Waste of waiting
  3. Waste of transport
  4. Waste of processing
  5. Waste of storage
  6. Waste of movement
  7. Waste of defects

The Entrador Consultancy Group and Lean Six Sigma

Six SigmaThe Entrador Consultancy Group can help implement Lean in your organizationOur Business Consultants can assist in identifying and eliminating waste in order eventually to get an optimized and "LeanprocessThrough intensive training and coaching from you and your staff, you can ensure that Lean Thinking will be part of the DNA of your organization. In this way you create knowledge and skills of people in your organization that can actually make the difference to your customers.
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