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BPMN Certification

BPMN 2.0 certified in 2 days

Teacher of this course is Rene van de Wiel. Rene is a BPMN expert from the earliest hour. He may independently certify people for the BPMN Method&Style Methodology. The courses are always given in-house at the client. In 2 days he teaches the students knowledge and insight about the Level 1 (Descriptive Level) and Level 2 (Analytical Level) modeling language symbols and their semantics. The Level 1 symbols are those language elements that end users find easy to read and clearly recognizable. The Level 2 symbols are more oriented towards programmers and configurators but fit in well with the experience of the end users. Level 1 and Level 2 form a balanced whole so that stakeholders in all parts of the organization will interpret the diagrams created by other stakeholders in the same way. After the course the student can certify as a BPMN 2.0 expert. By taking an online exam and making an 'aptitude test', being the production of a process model that meets certain requirements, the student receives a paper certificate and a mention in the official Method & Style. register

The training itself consists of 2 half-day sessions of 8 hours. The training is a balanced combination of theory and practice. There is a lot of practice and there is room for asking questions and making mistakes. The training is only given on location (in-house) and can be tailored to the current processes of your company on request. Contact us for pricing details, group discounts are available.  There are two options to choose from for the applicative support for making exercises:

1) Signavio's cloud solution (this only requires an internet connection)
2) ITP-commerce's MS-Visio add-in (this only requires MS-Visio)

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