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An Entrador Business Analyst distinguishes itself on 3 levels:
Personality, a solid foundation in Business Analysis and Expertise.


An Entrador Business Analyst is curious, analytically and communicatively strong, entrepreneurial and a bit headstrong. He or she has a good feeling for political relations and stakeholder management and has the natural urge to improve things.

Within Entrador we strengthen these qualities with trainings and workshops in the field of personal effectiveness. In addition, we regularly organize social activities where colleagues get to know each other better and can strengthen each other socially and in terms of content. In addition, it is not uncommon within Entrador for colleagues to provide training in their field of expertise for internal knowledge sharing.

All Entrador colleagues are Business Analysts. We see Business Analysis as a real profession, a craft. In order to develop this profession and embed it in the basic knowledge of every colleague, we train all our Business Analysts according to the international standards for Business Analysis by following a thorough training program.

Making an individual training plan in addition to an ongoing assignment can be demanding, which is why we like to relieve our colleagues of their worries with a challenging standard training offer. We therefore offer training courses largely in groups, so that we can tailor our expertise as a whole to the requirements of Business Analysts, both now and in the future. At the same time, there is always room for individual training. We also attend seminars and share our knowledge and experience.

In addition, we offer space to explore new domains and build expertise on trends in work methods. If there are temporarily no assignments in a certain domain or if a trend has passed its peak, the Entrador colleague can always fall back on his/her basis as a Business Analyst.

We think it is important to be able to respond to current events and developments in the market. From time to time you see trends emerging within projects. Sometimes the trends disappear again and other times they become the standard way of working in many organizations. Looking ahead and anticipating these trends offers us challenging opportunities to do more than just Business Analysis.

A solid foundation in Business Analysis


The Scrum framework and Agile thinking are nice examples. More and more organizations are saying goodbye to development in the form of waterfall projects and recognize the strong advantages of working Agile. The traditional way of working is usually fused with the corporate culture and difficult to break through. A Business Analyst is ideally suited to support organizations in an Agile transition. For example in strengthening Scrum teams by just-in-time working out the right requirements in collaboration with a Product Owner.

We prepare our Business Analysts for trends by training them in a timely manner for the developments we see in the market. For example, all Entrador Business Analysts were certified as Product Owners at an early stage. This now helps them in the close cooperation within an Agile Scrum team, including the Product Owner. In this way we anticipate on changes of roles within the Business Analysis profession.