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On the bridge between Business and IT

Happy, well-trained colleagues with relevant experience make the difference for our clients

Our colleagues feel at home at the intersection of Business and Information Technology. We invest a lot in training, certifications and knowledge sharing sessions in order to update and increase the level of knowledge of our colleagues. We prefer to do this in-house so that our colleagues can also learn from each other's practical experience. 
In addition, we believe that enjoying your work is the beginning of our success and the results of our customers. We do not believe in obligations but in intrinsic motivation as a driver for development and success.

"No" is the easy answer. We are looking for the "Yes"

Entrador once started from the idea that thinking from possibilities is much more powerful than creating blockages. That is why we apply the philosophy of searching for the "yes". This can be expressed, for example, in a different lease scheme for old-timers, a broad innovative leave scheme or having your lease car wrapped.

Home of Business Analysts

Personal Development

We see a relationship between the development of our colleagues, how satisfied they are and what they realize for our customers. Entrador would like to guide you in your development and let you grow further. This development is on a personal or substantive level. We would like to give you the guarantee that you will become a better business analyst with us. With a system integrator or generic organization there is often no focus on the discipline or you must figure out what your development should look like for yourself. Entrador has the focus on business analysis and the developments in this field.

Among other things, we focus on:

  • Certifications in the field of business analysis
  • Gaining relevant experience and education (increasing your market value)
  • Growing further in your profession
  • Moving with market trends but always being able to fall back on a solid basis in business analysis
  • Nice and varied projects with different clients (where we make choices for new assignments together) 
  • A commercial model that offers opportunities in almost all sectors.


Entrador has chosen for a very narrow focus, namely the field of business analysis. Because of this, our customers know where to find us, they know what they can turn to us for. When we do business the same applies: a deal is a deal. We do not believe in competition, we prefer to collaborate. We think there is enough business for everyone

Since our foundation in 2010, we have paid attention to setting up the simplest possible organization. We consciously chose not to have any management layers or supporting roles. If a colleague calls the office they get one of the co-founders on the line. Because of these short lines of communication, we are able to make decisions very quickly.


A colleague who feels good about himself radiates this, is less sick and has energy for personal growth. At Entrador we want to achieve this by paying maximum attention to colleagues. We do this by having frequent contact moments with colleagues, where attention is paid to the developments within the project, the growth in the work and responsibilities of the colleague. When a colleague feels that there is not enough challenge within a project, we go to work to solve it. Ideally within the project but if that does not work out we look for a new project.

We think it is very important to have a healthy work-life balance. By means of a very spacious, innovative vacation scheme, every colleague is able to keep this balance optimal without worries.

We also think it is important that there are regular moments where colleagues can meet each other. We do this by having a variety of outings, knowledge sharing sessions, a long weekend of winter sports or a city trip. None of these moments are obligatory, we believe in the intrinsic motivation of colleagues to want to see each other.


Within Entrador there is a lot of variety possible because of the many projects within different sectors. Because of our market approach and because our projects always have a clear start and end, our colleagues have the opportunity to look around in many different kitchens. Because the knowledge and experience gained in previous projects is of great value to new clients and at the same time there is learning in new areas of work, there is constant growth and development of colleagues.

Our Friends:

Why friends?

A partnership suggests a contract, you need a contract if you want to secure trust. Friends trust each other, are interested in each other, are together when it suits them and can't see each other for a while and then continue where they left off.