Document management is an essential part of organizational management. Document management means actively and effectively organizing, implementing, managing and improving the document flows.

Canon Business Center provides total solutions to optimize information and document flows. Before optimizing the document flows, you must have a clear picture of the existing flows. The Entrador Consultancy Group joins Canon as partner for this process of analysis. 

The analysis
Our analysis focuses on how effectively a company deals with physical and digital documents. We look at how employees search, archive and disseminate documents. 
In addition we scree the business processes for unconscious yet inefficient document related operations. 
We focus is improvement  through technology, uniform process descriptions and work instructions, staff training, monitoring mechanisms and a new organizational policy for records management. 

Why is document management useful? 

- Understanding document flows 
- Increasing the effectiveness  
- Continuity of service (business continuity management) 
- Increase customer satisfaction: shorten throughput times, standardizing processes 
- Cost reduction, increasing efficiency 
- Compliance with laws and regulations 
- Identify and manage risks 
- Quality assurance and certification 
- Creation of a digital archive (archiving obligation) 
- The reduction of physical actions 
- Version managemant
- Integrity check 
- Follow up" information for each document. 
- Error Reduction in archiving 
- Security (insight into who has access / ask) 
- Environmentally friendly 

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