i-Nexus Business Execution Software

Business Execution Software transforms the way organizations plan, execute and track the important actions.

Entrador is implementation partner of i-Nexus. We use the i-Nexus Portfolio Management SAAS solution for advanced applications when focus is on reporting linesi-Nexus delivers a high platform where even very complex portfolio of programs can be embedded. The solution itself is great, but requires attention to be implemented in existing processes. This requires a clear view of processes and stakeholders. Entrador can provide insight in existing process and adjust it where necessary. In addition, we are able to assist in configuring the solution and set up KPIs and calculation rules.

Business Execution Software brings together, for the first time, in a single web-based platform, the tools you need to break down goals into actionable priorities, plan and manage the resulting actions and track the impact of these actions on business performance. The i-nexus solution can help you dramatically increase the percentage of the important things that actually get done. In fact, it’s helping executives in many global organizations like Philips, Pfizer and Novartis to do just that. What makes i-nexus different is that it’s not just another HR, project management or Business Intelligence Tool – it’s an integrated system in which goals are connected to the KPIs that track their achievement and to the projects that realize them.

Whether you are an executive trying to drive your organisation to execute on the business plan or you are responsible for a portfolio of strategic initiatives, the i-nexus Business Execution Solution can help you achieve more. Call us today for a demonstration or choose a link on the right to learn more.

More information: http://www.i-nexus.com/

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