Lifebrander is a site for the resume. They offer free Advice for Resume improvement and paid services for resume management. They do this for individuals, but also for businesses. In addition to an online organisation, they are active with personal guidance, workshops and trainings. They guide people to a good and strong resume and to a better online presentation.  
Lifebrander and Entrador empower each other in the business services concerning the resume. Lifebrander helps Entrador with smart management of resume’s.

Entrador helps Lifebrander with specification of the management solution for the business market.  For more information and possibilities, visit 



Document management is an essential part of organizational management. Document management means actively and effectively organizing, implementing, managing and improving the document flows.

Canon Business Center provides total solutions to optimize information and document flows. Before optimizing the document flows, you must have a clear picture of the existing flows. The Entrador Consultancy Group joins Canon as partner for this process of analysis. 

The analysis
Our analysis focuses on how effectively a company deals with physical and digital documents. We look at how employees search, archive and disseminate documents. 
In addition we scree the business processes for unconscious yet inefficient document related operations. 
We focus is improvement  through technology, uniform process descriptions and work instructions, staff training, monitoring mechanisms and a new organizational policy for records management. 

Why is document management useful? 

- Understanding document flows 
- Increasing the effectiveness  
- Continuity of service (business continuity management) 
- Increase customer satisfaction: shorten throughput times, standardizing processes 
- Cost reduction, increasing efficiency 
- Compliance with laws and regulations 
- Identify and manage risks 
- Quality assurance and certification 
- Creation of a digital archive (archiving obligation) 
- The reduction of physical actions 
- Version managemant
- Integrity check 
- Follow up" information for each document. 
- Error Reduction in archiving 
- Security (insight into who has access / ask) 
- Environmentally friendly 

More information about Canon Business Center is available at



Mendix is an international software company. It provides an innovative software platform that enables fast development of web-based systems.

Business and IT can collaborate better as Mendix applications consist of directly executable models. This way new requirements can be realized easily, quickly and flexibly. Mendix applications are often integrated with existing back-office systems (including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact etc.) and presented in role-based Web interface to customers, suppliers or employees.

Mendix was elected Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2009, a prestigious title for innovative technology companies. 
Dutch companies already working Mendix solutions (at various IT environments) are: TNT-Post and TNT Express, Sanoma, Achmea, Agis, Sandd, Bouwfonds, Kwikfit, Menzis, Mammoth, Marlies Dekkers and Eurofiber.

More information is available at Mendix at




The power of connection

CRM and ERP for Financial Services

Stb builds software for clientrelations and business processes. These solutions connect people with processes. Stb calls this the power of connection. 




Entrador is a business partner of Stb. The powerfull solutions of Stb works connected.Sometime procedures and processes needs to be adjusted to get the maximal out of the solution. Here lies our partnership. The other way around we also come into situations where processes is asking for a concrete solution. Our knowledge from the Stb portfolio is helping hereby. 

About Stb

Stb has been in the business for over twenty years and delivers connection solutions with enthusiasmDuring this period, Stb standard software has been developedwhich most organizations can implement quickly.

Clients can choose from a number of Stb product lines, especially designed for a specific industry or type of organizationYou can choose these systems either as an online solution (Software as a Service) or install as a local stand-alone solution. Are you looking for a solution that is not available by defaultStb can customize it for your organization. Future upgrades will not disturb any historic customization. 

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