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New partnership to bring agile business application platform to the healthcare industry

BOSTON & ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – April 6, 2011 – Entrador, a Netherlands-based IT services firm focused on the finance and healthcare sectors, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Mendix, developer of the leading agile business application platform. With Mendix, Entrador will serve the healthcare market by utilizing the Mendix Agile Business PlatformTM, for complete application lifecycle management.

With its highly experienced business analysts, Entrador tends to a large number of organizations, such as hospitals, home-care organizations, health insurers and healthcare-related government organizations. Entrador has chosen the Mendix platform in order to fulfill the demanding IT needs of the healthcare market.

“With Mendix, we are able to support short lead times and lower costs,” said Gerrie van Wanrooij, Director of Entrador Consultancy Group. “We will be able to develop, deploy and manage apps, faster than we formerly could with conventional tooling; prototyping is the foundation of success. In the coming years, Mendix will help us manage the many challenges our healthcare customers face.”

Entrador consists of experienced consultants that specialize in business analysis, management consulting, requirements engineering and process management. In the coming years, these consultants will utilize the Mendix Agile Business PlatformTM to facilitate projects that require speed and flexibility.

“We have seen the Mendix platform significantly extend legacy systems for enterprises requiring fast and flexible software,” said Mendix CEO, Derek Roos. “We are extremely happy to see Entrador offer Mendix to healthcare institutions.”

Mendix will help healthcare facilities extend the use of existing information systems, while reducing costs. Healthcare professionals will be better able to carry out their primary job, and thus the client or patient will be better served.

About Entrador

The Entrador Consultancy Group is a dynamic secondment and consultancy firm that operates in the business and at the intersection of business and information technology. The Entrador Consulting Group consists of experienced consultants who can be deployed as business analyst, business consultant, information analyst, requirements and specification engineer, process manager or consultant. In this domain, we also provide coaching, training and management. For more information about Entrador, see




Mendix is an international software company. It provides an innovative software platform that enables fast development of web-based systems.

Business and IT can collaborate better as Mendix applications consist of directly executable models. This way new requirements can be realized easily, quickly and flexibly. Mendix applications are often integrated with existing back-office systems (including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact etc.) and presented in role-based Web interface to customers, suppliers or employees.

Mendix was elected Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2009, a prestigious title for innovative technology companies. 
Dutch companies already working Mendix solutions (at various IT environments) are: TNT-Post and TNT Express, Sanoma, Achmea, Agis, Sandd, Bouwfonds, Kwikfit, Menzis, Mammoth, Marlies Dekkers and Eurofiber.

More information is available at Mendix at


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