Software development through collaboration, communication and team spirit, that is, in short, the method Scrum. Entrador facilitates training and provides both Scrum Masters and Product Owners. 

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for agile management. In other words: "flexible management" of software development. Multidisciplinary teams deliver working software in short iterations (sprints) averaging 2-4 weeks. Within a Sprint customer requests are listed on what is called the Product Backlog. These backlog items are picked up by the Development Team. 

Scrum is derived from the Rugby sport: through collaboration, communication and team spirit the ball can be won in a scrum.

Often clients have new needs during development of new or modified requirements. This is the reason why development of software never can be planned far in advance. Software is developed iteratively, and adjusted based on new insights.  

Hoe does Scrum work?

Unlike the traditional waterfall method, experts from the various phases of software are put together in a team. A team is led by a ScrumMaster, which preferably daily at the start of the working day holds a standup-meeting with all team-members. The following questions have to be answered: What did you do yesterday? What are you going to do today? Are there any problems?

The whole team is responsible for the final outcome of the sprint. Solutions should be created together and everything completed in a sprint is tested by at least two team members.

Benefits Scrum

Because work is done in multidisciplinary teams, there is a clear overview of the progress at any moment. Also, after each sprint the client is involved in the delivery of a part of working software. So the client is never surprised with unexpected deliverables! Different to the old waterfall methodology with a one-time completion at the end of a project, is that adjustments and corrections are made almost immediately. 

Important roles Scrum Team

Product Owner: Represents the client within the Scrum Team. He ensures that a development team is aware of the client's vision. The Product Owner is responsible for establishing and prioritizing all items in the Backlog.

ScrumMaster: facilitates the development of collaboration within the team. He also supervises the team, product owner and stakeholders during all various meetings and ensures that Scrum is implemented correctly.

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