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We see "Business Analysis" as a catch-all term. Within every organization there is a different explanation, although all focus on the intersection of business and IT.

The specialists of Entrador Consultancy Group can advise you in the following areas:

  • Business analysis
  • Business consultancy
  • Information analysis
  • Process management
  • Requirements and specification engineering

Services of these specialists are:


Insight into and control of the (possibly still to be developed) business processes offers opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness, innovation, flexibility and shortening the time to market. The process analysis, -design and -implementation needed for this is supported by techniques from Lean Six Sigma.


Improvement processes are tested or further elaborated within the organizational coherence of people, technology and processes. The goal is to determine the scope and to clarify the core of the problem.


Solutions on a strategic level often say little about the impact on the organization. Analysing the impact on the organization and elaborating the financial foundation can help in choosing the right solution direction. From such an analysis it is often possible to distil a first step towards a realization and implementation plan.


Creating a realization plan from a vision, strategy or concept requires a structured and well-founded approach. We provide structure, substantiation and transparency. Through proven principles and methodologies of program, project and change management, we ensure that a vision, strategy or concept do not lapse into good intentions and beautiful reports, but is actually realized, implemented and anchored.


Support for changes is created by vigorously coordinating a realization plan, communicating it adequately and embedding it in the organization. Convincing, informing and guiding stakeholders on the basis of timelines, budgets and of course the ultimate goal contributes to the delivery in accordance with set quality and requirements.


Any new or changed process or system will have to land after development and implementation in the management organization so that management and future changes are guaranteed. By paying specific attention to this during the development phase, the project result will be safeguarded during the implementation phase.


The business wish is clear but the translation to realization is essential for success. Modification or development of a process or system requires a good translation of the wish and clear agreements about the project deliverables. Professional recording and monitoring of these agreements (requirements) provides for this. In addition, an organization gets more overview and control information about the status of the work in progress.


The adequate translation of business wishes, vision, strategy or concept into a feasible plan is important for the final project result. This also applies to translating this plan into concrete technical/non-functional requirements for system or process. Partly on the basis of these requirements, realization takes place and the realization team is steered.

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