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Product Ownership

Entrador sees a growing customer demand to help realize changes. A trend here is that a new type of gap arises between the business and IT.

IT is (under pressure from the needs of the business regarding speed, efficiency and results) increasingly switching to Agile development. The intersection of business and IT also goes along with this development.

The Scrum methodology provides a good handle to facilitate this Agile development.

Parallel to this development, the business is losing more and more grip on the process. The questions "when is it finished" and "what does it cost" can no longer be answered because this is related to the changing wishes, demands and priorities of the business. One of the means for the business to get a grip on the Agile process is the Product Owner role. This role is fulfilled by the person from the business who is responsible for the changing or the service or process to be developed. This person will need to free up time to join the Agile / Scrum team. In addition, this person will need to delve into the resources that the Scrum process makes available to him in order to get a grip.

Usually this business manager has no time for this / does not fall within his area of competence. An appointed Product Owner can offer a solution, but the competency set of the person who will fulfill this role has to fit well. In practice it turns out that a good Business Analyst has exactly this competency set at his disposal. An official Scrum Product Owner certificate strengthens the confidence of the business in successfully fulfilling this role.

For this reason almost all Entrador Business Analysts are officially Scrum Product Owner certified.

The change in the management of operational departments means that business projects must and want to be managed in a different way. The generic project manager who can manage all types of projects is dying out. The focus is increasingly on the content and the process. This further increases the demand for experts at the intersection of business and IT.