Agile, A Daily Practice

Agile and Scrum are popular ways of working and there are many institutes who provide all kinds of knowledge and education. Entrador's core quality has been in the field of Business Analysis for years, and we have a lot of experience and knowledge in how bridge the gap between business and IT. 

Based on our expertise, we have a very concrete response to the steps that an organisation need to take in order to become more Agile and find the desired connection between business and IT in an Agile environment.  
Our mission is: Agile from theory to daily practice.  

This means that we can help organisations and teams to take the right steps in the sprint in order to start the Agile transition. We do not train to a certificate, but continue where people graduate for the certificate and help embed the theory in their daily work. We train on the job and participate in the transition.  

Together, we determine which maturity the organisation and teams have on Agile and Scrum levels and we decide which user stories we can put on the backlog to bring it to the desired level. We support this process from Agile (management) Coaching and Scrum Master roles, but also from Business Analysis, where we get an answer as to how the analysis gets a place within Scrum.

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