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The power of people is the basis of success
Gerrie, Bastiaan, Harold

Managing Partners

Gerrie van Wanrooij , Bastiaan Schimmel & Harold Poort


The company philosophy is based on appreciation for the human side of doing business and 'doing what you're good at'. Together with our environment, we create a platform where professionals are shown to their best advantage, where we want to give maximum space to the potential and decisiveness of the colleague in the execution of their projects.

We also believe that cooperation brings more than competition. We like to work with a large selection of partners to serve our customers. At Entrador, the principle "a deal is a deal" applies in the cooperation with our partners.


The power of people is the basis of success. Synergy comes naturally and potential is exploited together. Space is the breeding ground for a team that goes further to achieve its goals. People who want and dare to look beyond the beaten track and the square centimeter. The Entrador Consultancy Group stands for decisiveness, team spirit, trust, transparency and cross-border ambitions. Based on mutual respect and trust, the Entrador Consultancy Group works together with their clients on concrete solutions to business issues and at the intersection of business and information technology.